Where Does Our Confidence Go?

 Emma Best, Staff Writer

When we were younger, in elementary and middle school, our sense of style wasn’t the best. But did we care? Most would answer no. Getting older changes everything. We start caring about what other people think of us more than anything else. I don’t know about everyone else, but I was way more confident in elementary school than I am now. The older you get the more you start realizing society is very judgmental. 

Girls, as they get older, start thinking, Does this make me look fat? Am I ugly? What can I change to be pretty? Girls also start seeing what society perceives as the ¨perfect girl.” Most would say the perfect girl is tall but not too tall, and skinny but not too skinny. This changes how girls see themselves. They start wearing clothes to impress other people instead of themselves. Boys also get judged but in a completely different way. Most people expect boys to dress comfortably and we expect boys to be athletes. When we get older society puts these titles on us and makes us change our outfits and styles just to fit in.

Getting older puts a lot more pressure on you than you might think when you are younger. When we were younger, we couldn’t wait to grow up. But growing up puts more responsibilities on you. In the long run, just enjoy being young and being able to wear whatever you want no matter who might see you because when you get older, you will regret holding back.