Lady Dalers at the Buzzer

Savanna Spadalik, Editor

On Saturday, February 8th, the Lady Dalers basketball team had their exciting senior game, with the gymnasium filled with balloons, streamers, and posters of the two seniors. Led by senior captains Kelly Bergersen and Keleysha Petit-Frere, the team played outstanding against the tough Uniondale Knights. Starting the game off aggressively, the Lady Dalers kept attacking the rim, immediately putting up basket after basket. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 16-4 Lady Dalers. After Uniondale slightly came back from only scoring 4 points, the game started to become very exciting to watch. At halftime though, the Lady Dalers were still leading 30-19.

The second the Uniondale Knights walked back onto the court, the atmosphere in the gym changed. Feeling confident, the Uniondale Knights put up 20 points in the third quarter, making the score 39-35 Uniondale. Being a team with mostly underclassmen, the Lady Dalers put up baskets by Demi Hecker and Erin Hickey, and made defensive stops by Lindsey Shimborske.

The beginning of the last quarter though grabbed the crowd’s attention. With the Lady Dalers trying to get back in the lead, the game turned into a one-for-one rally. Being down 1 point with the score of 49-48 Uniondale with only 2 seconds left, the Lady Dalers had to give it their all. A beautiful inbound pass from Kelly Bergersen with .9 seconds left gave the perfect opportunity for Keleysha Petit-Frere to finish the game winning layup. “I’ve never screamed so loud for the ball,” says Petit-Frere. “I was wide open and the second that game was over, I started hysterically crying because I was so happy and immediately ran to Kelly to give her a huge hug. Then we got tackled to the ground by the whole team and it was overall the best feeling in the entire world.”