COVID-19 in the Media

Andrew Rosas, Staff Writer

It is no secret that the CoronaVirus (COVID-19) is the most talked about topic on the news right now. It is hard to cope with such news, because the effect that the media has on people as a whole can be quite dangerous. Now is a time of need, a time for everyone to come together. Although efforts from a vast amount of people around the world are being put in play, there is no denying the fact that some people just get too worked up and scared for their own and loved one’s lives, and because of this, some horrid actions are taken. 

If you have been on social media recently, then you should have noticed the amount of viral videos increasing where adult working class citizens are fighting and cursing each other out over a single package of toilet paper. Let’s face it–  this is just ridiculous and it honestly is embarrassing to say that someone who is grown up is willing to punch someone else in the face and call someone absurd words over something so trivial. However, there is a point to see. People are scared, and why shouldn’t they be? We are in a worldwide epidemic. 

Even though adults are worried and attacking each other, from my point of view, a teenager and high school student, I have personally seen memes on the internet portraying the coronavirus as something very small and not that big of a deal. This is another concern because, although these memes are purely for entertainment, they can be misread and influence people to not take things seriously; this can lead to people just leaving their homes without concern, putting not only themselves, but those who they may infect, in danger. Everyone should minimize the damage that is already out there, and not always trust social media, but search out legitimate facts and answers about the coronavirus by a trusted source. As always, stay inside, stay safe, and godspeed everyone.