The Unknown is Scary, But Let’s Stay Safe

Cailin Stryska, Staff Writer

Well… I guess it wasn’t such a bad thing that people went crazy at stores and bought a lots of toilet paper because now, in a world where we can’t even see our friends, we have to do things like group FaceTime and online classes. Nobody (at least not many of us) expected for this to actually become a reality. Here we are now and we must be six feet apart from each other at all times. It’s just crazy to think what the world is becoming. How long is this going to last? We have no idea and, in a way, that is the scariest part.

Now, I want you to think for a second. Do we hate that we can’t see our friends and family the way we want to right now? Of course we do, but right now everybody just needs to band together and be on the same page so that we can come out of this pandemic stronger and more united. So please, even though you think it might be fine because you only have to do online assignments and have a lot of free time, please don’t invite your friends over to have parties, bonfires, or any other social gathering. Let’s just stay connected in digital ways so that we can get out of this mess and craziness as soon as possible.¬†