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Super Mario Bros. 3!

This blog will be about me reviewing video games and technology. For my first blog I wanted to review a videogame I got recently. Hands down my favorite game for the NES, Super Mario Bros 3. I remember playing it as a child with my dad but I don’t really remember all about the game from when I was younger so I decided to ask for it again. I picked up a copy for around $50-60, pretty expensive for such a collectable game now but besides that I loved it. Worlds 4-5 were my favorite and I would play them over and over again, but worlds 7 & 8 are just the worst…  so annoying I die everytime, I am not even attempting to beat those levels anymore. 

I love how the whole game is designed as a stage play. Even though I was not born in the 80s or 90s, this is one of my favorite games of all time, the real reason I love it isn’t because of Mario and because he is the face of Nintendo; I love the game because it is a challenge. 

This game is a MUST, not just for any Mario fan, but any Nintendo platform fan, or any platformer fan in general. I give it a solid 9.7/10.

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