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Fender Jazzmaster

For this week, the first ever guitar of the week blog by yours truly, I’m going to be explaining and somewhat worshipping my favorite Fender classic, the Fender Jazzmaster. Truly one of the most underrated, top tier, diverse guitars to ever be designed. Although this guitar was targeted towards jazz artists when it was released in 1958, the guitar is used for various genres because of its diverse capabilities. Some of these genres consist of Indie, 1960s Pop Surf, Blues, different styles of Funk, Soul, Jazz/ Swing and countless more. The guitar is majorly used because it is versatile and has many aspects to offer. Artists such as Elvis Costello, Jonny Buckland, Thom Yorke, and many other amazing musicians have been known to use this guitar. 

The Jazzmaster has two pickups, a neck pickup and a bridge pickup offering different sounds when each is played by themselves or together. The guitar also has both a rhythm circuit and a lead circuit, the rhythm circuit being what makes the guitar special. This allows the guitar to create a variety of sounds with a variety of different tones. 

Additionally, the body of the guitar is somewhat the shape of a Fender Stratocaster, but with its own twist and its own signature build. The Fender Jazzmaster has a beautiful complexity, and is truly an underrated, but remarkable guitar. All aspects of its diversity makes this guitar my absolute favorite!


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