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Melodies of Life

Music can be very therapeutic to people like me . When I’m feeling a certain emotion music really expresses how I’m feeling at the time .  Music really can be a great way to ease your mind .

Music can reduce the amount of stress that you face daily; one great song can ease your mind . Music can really light the way. And what you listen to means a lot. 


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“I Feel Good”  by Beres Hammond

Shakillah Arthur, Staff Writer

Today's sound is a little different. "I Feel Good"  by Beres Hammond is a song that makes you think of a beautiful island . This song is an old-school reggae song that I discovered a while ago . The beat puts you in a bright mood. The instruments in the background really bring the song out. This one is a 10/10. I love music that puts me in a good mood.

“Like I Want You” by Givevon

Shakillah Arthur, Staff Writer

On today's song of the day is “Like I Want You” by Givevon. This song is not an oldie, but it’s a goodie.  It's a very jazzy chill vibe. The beat is steady and not too heavy to the ears; the artist has a very unique sound that makes this song stand out more. If I had to rate this song, I’ll  rate it 8/10. This is the perfect song for when you just want to relax and clear your mind. The artist...

“Watching You” by Slave

Shakillah Arthur, Staff Writer

Lately my playlist has been old school hits . Yes! I love old school music. The vibe of the songs always makes me feel like I was around during that time . One of my favorites at the moment is “Watching You” by Slave. Recently this song has been on repeat. When I listen to “Watching You” I feel good. The instruments in the back are really nice. The artist really only says three words over...

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