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Girl Up: Representation of Women in Media

Welcome to Emma Duffy’s blog, a weekly examination of the representation of women in media.

Percy Jackson

Emma Duffy, Editor

The main female character in the Percy Jackson series is Annabeth Chase. She is a character that I personally looked up to while growing up because of her wit and strength. As a child of Athena, Greek Goddess of wisdom and battle strategy, it was given that she was wise. Annabeth was strong, brave and intelligent; however, she is another example of a female character written with internal misogyny....

Harry Potter

Emma Duffy, Editor

Even though Harry Potter is the chosen one, it is very clear that the golden trio would not have been successful without Hermione Granger. Since her first appearance, Hermione was characterized as intelligent and hardworking. Neither of those qualities are inherently bad; however, J.K Rowling did not paint her in the best light. While it is positive that one of the main characters is a smart girl, her...

Gilmore GirlsĀ 

Emma Duffy, Editor

The sitcom Gilmore Girls became popular in the early 2000s, gaining a large fan base. Although there are many female characters, the main two I will be discussing are Rory Gilmore and Paris Geller. Towards the beginning of the show it is clear which character they want young girls to strive to be like. Both characters are extremely intelligent and automatically set to be top of their class; however...

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