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Gilmore Girls 

The sitcom Gilmore Girls became popular in the early 2000s, gaining a large fan base. Although there are many female characters, the main two I will be discussing are Rory Gilmore and Paris Geller. Towards the beginning of the show it is clear which character they want young girls to strive to be like. Both characters are extremely intelligent and automatically set to be top of their class; however, they go about things a very different way. Rory is the girl who mainly sticks to herself and acts very calm and kindly to those around her. She had gotten everything handed to her and even though she worked hard, she was not the hardest worker. On the other hand, there is Paris Geller who, simply put, is a go-getter. She had been indulging herself in extra curriculars, volunteering and leadership roles her whole life. Because of this, she comes off as more aggressive and driven. My issue with this is that the most driven girl on the show is then portrayed as crazy. Although it may be coincidental that it worked out like this, it is damaging for young girls to assume that by being ambitious they are coming off as insane. While I give credit to Gilmore Girls for having intelligent female characters, they have to consider the intricate details of their personalities as part of female representation.

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