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Fun Facts with Jillian

Welcome to Jillian Cordi’s blog! Check in every week for some fun (and often random) facts!

The Mandela Effect

Jillian Cordi, Staff Writer

Our minds can play tricks on us. Ever heard of the Mandela Effect? According to, “The Mandela effect is an unusual phenomenon where a large group of people remember something differently than how it occurred… Conspiracy theorists believe this is proof of an alternate universe, while many doctors use it as an illustration of how imperfect memory can be sometimes.” Here are just...

When Actors Aren’t Acting

Jillian Cordi, Staff Writer

Even some of the best actors and actresses go off the page. Movie mistakes are hard to notice, especially when the people on screen don’t do or say what was instructed. Let's talk about some of these moments.    “Home Alone”  Kevin  Mccallister planned some cool and interesting traps, but one thing that he didn’t plan was a scar on his finger. In the scene where Harry and Marv pin Ke...

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