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When Actors Aren’t Acting

Even some of the best actors and actresses go off the page. Movie mistakes are hard to notice, especially when the people on screen don’t do or say what was instructed. Let’s talk about some of these moments. 


“Home Alone” 

Kevin  Mccallister planned some cool and interesting traps, but one thing that he didn’t plan was a scar on his finger. In the scene where Harry and Marv pin Kevin up against the door, Joe Pesci got so into the scene that he actually bit down on Kevin’s finger and left a scar! 


“Lord of the Rings the Two Towers”

In one scene, Viggo Mortensen kicks a rock then falls on the ground. Why does he fall? The reason for this is because he actually broke his toe! 


“The Usual Suspects”

The classic scene where the five guys are lined up turned into a laugh fest all because Benicio del Toro could not stop passing gas so the actors couldn’t stop themselves from laughing! 



In the 1st episode of season 4 where they said goodbye to the actor Luke Perry, the cast showed real tears and actual emotion, as it was a very hard time for everyone a part of the “Riverdale” family. 


“The Office”

A lot of fans would agree that Michael’s goodbye episode was sad, especially for the actors. The part where Pam said goodbye to Michael was not scripted and was all done by the actress Janna Fisher.

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