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Percy Jackson

The main female character in the Percy Jackson series is Annabeth Chase. She is a character that I personally looked up to while growing up because of her wit and strength. As a child of Athena, Greek Goddess of wisdom and battle strategy, it was given that she was wise. Annabeth was strong, brave and intelligent; however, she is another example of a female character written with internal misogyny. She is a more masculine character, which is not a problem on its own, but she did not have any girl friends and had no intent on making any. In her head, she had categorized feminine women as weak and obnoxious. When we are writing characters to promote young girls to become strong women, we should not make them feel as though they must sacrifice their feminine side. Masculine does not mean strong and feminine does not mean weak; there needs to be more positive representation of strong feminine women. Annabeth pushes the stereotype that men are stronger than women by being “one of the boys” and rejecting any femininity. On a more positive note, she is an excellent role model for girls interested in things that are typically deemed masculine. While it would have been nice to see her be more accepting of others’ feminine side, she was overall a good example of a brave, intelligent woman.

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