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Breaching of the Capitol

On Wednesday, January 6th, hundreds of Trump supporters breached the capital, protesting against the counting of election ballots that certified Joe Biden’s election win. What started as a peaceful protest turned into a violent and chaotic scene.

In mid to late morning Donald Trump held a rally in Washington D.C. In his speech, he urged his supporters to march down Pennsylvania Avenue, to the Capitol building. There, some of his supporters took it upon themselves to enter the building. The rioters entered the building on all sides. They climbed the walls and scaffolding of the building as police attempted to hold them back. Unfortunately, one officer is seen on video taking selfies with one rioter. However, another officer, Eugene Goodman, was hailed a hero after he led a crowd of Trump supporters away from the Senate chamber. Once inside the building rioters pushed their way deep into the building. Four people were killed. Many were injured including an officer who was nearly crushed to death after being pinned against a door. Rioters broke into the offices of many congressmen and women, such as House speaker Nancy Pelosi, while others made their way to the Senate floor. Just before this, police safely evacuated the senators and Vice President Mike Pence. 


The Aftermath

The Breaching of the Capitol left four dead and many injured. Including a police officer who died the following night due to injuries. The rioters also caused an outstanding amount of damage. Dozens after dozens of contributors were arrested days following the incident. President Trump was impeached for a second time, making him the first in history. Ahead of the Presidential Inauguration of Joe Biden, Washington DC ramped up its security by enlisting hundreds of National Guardsmen and women. Donald Trump would not be attending, while several other former Presidents would be, including Barack Obama and George W. Bush. 


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