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My Favorite Game From Early 2010s

I used to really enjoy skateboarding games, but after looking at the newest Tony Hawk games I was driven away from that genre, so I went back to one of the best games on the PS3/XBOX 360, Skate 3. I started playing the Skate series but I did not get time to play the first and second game when they first came out. However, when Skate 3 came out I bought it the minute I saw the game. To be honest I spent over 1,000 hours on that game. It is basically a pro skateboarder simulator; you build up a career from the ground up skating at random spots hoping to get noticed by the press and get sponsors. You get to customize your character however you want, but not only you can customize your character, but your own company too. I named my company“Quacky Ducks.” I am not sure why, but it grew to the point where I had sold over ten million skateboards and recruited a whole skating team. When I look back on the Skate series all three games are very similar, but what stands out the most in Skate 3 is the online features. The online community for Skate 3 is still active after 10 years since release. Not only can you join other players’ companies, there are also certain job-specific roles you can be assigned like street skater or filmer. You can earn more sales on your skateboards if other people download your custom content. 

My favorite feature of the game is custom park creator. You can go into any skatepark and tear it down, making your own from scratch. The feature is really easy to use; even my three-year-old little brother knows how to make it function. You can share your own custom skatepark with anyone in the world, I personally have fun playing random people’s skateparks. The best thing about the game is the freeskate online feature. It can be competitive at times because of the aggressiveness of all the players. It can make the most chill, down-to-earth people rage a bit. Overall though Skate 3 is one of my most favorite games ever and really defined my early childhood.

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