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In the NFL Tom Brady wins his 7th Super Bowl and 5th MVP at the age of 43 with the help of Rob Gronkowski, who came back with the goal of playing in this Super Bowl game.  This Super Bowl had a total of 96.4 million viewers.  After a rough game for the young quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, he is going to have surgery on his toe to fix his turf toe.  Mahomes said that this Super Bowl was the worst beating he’s taken in a long time.  In the MLB as we await Spring Training,  there is still plenty offseason trading going on, Yadier Molina signs a 1-year deal with the St, Louis Cardinals.  The MLB has been taking health protocols because of COVID-19.  Games are changed to 7-inning double headers, and when going into extra innings, runners are put on second, to speed up the game. 

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