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Part 1: History of FHS

After four years of being a student here at Farmingdale High School, I am getting ready to say goodbye to the people, the moments, and all the memories I’ve made here. It’s been a crazy four years, but before I hang up my coat and start a new chapter in my life I want to share something I have been researching for years: The History of Farmingdale High School. I dove into the 70+ years this school has been around. I interviewed former students and teachers, and even some former students that will become teachers here because of the influence of this school. I researched and saw our school go from The Devils to The Dalers. So stick around and listen in to The History of Farmingdale High School.

Everyone knows Main Street, the heart of Farmingdale, as some may remember just plainly calling it “town” back in middle school. If you can picture walking down Main Street, you should know the location of CVS and Blink Fitness. Well believe it or not, back in the day there was a school there. That school was the original Farmingdale High School, built on a marsh and wooded area. That school was torn down in the 80s, but the school building we all know and love today was built back in the 60s. 

When the current high school was built, surprisingly the lovely area we call the Commons was just an open area. It was a place for students to walk through and get some fresh air. It didn’t take long for the school to change that though because just a few years after the building was first completed construction began again and the Commons was closed off and turned into the space we see today. Along with the Commons, the business wing was also a new addition to the original building. 

There is so much more history to dive into, so stay tuned!

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