What’s Next for the Sunrise Mall?

Isabella Athanasiou, Editor

What will happen to the Sunrise Mall? As of January 4th 2021, the beloved Sunrise Mall that generations have come to enjoy was sold for a sizable sum of money with an uncertain intent. The previous owners of the mall known as the Westfield Group sold the establishment for 29.7 million dollars to Urban Edge Properties, who have yet to signify what exactly their future ambition is for this property. 

At the time of the exchange, the mall held about 65% occupancy and 35% vacancy, covering about 1.2 million square-foot of retail space. The mall had seen a causal sequence when it came to the closure of various occupants, something Urban Edge had/ has paid mind to.

The redevelopment plans for the mall have not yet been made clear, but Urban Edge plans to use the unique placement of the mall to their advantage in the future plans for the establishment. According to Long Island Press, Urban Edge CEO Jeff Olson states, “Sunrise Mall is a unique asset with a prime location in a dense, attractive region along the southern shore of Long Island.” He believes that “This acquisition provides a terrific opportunity for Urban Edge to leverage our redevelopment expertise in repurposing underutilized land and creating value.” Olson also plans to listen to locals in the community, school districts, and stakeholders to do what is in their best interest. 

In accordance with Newsday, Olson communicates that the Sunrise Mall “clearly needs to be upgraded and repurposed,” but he knows that “it’s a bit early to tell exactly where it’s going.” With that, the future of the shopping center remains a mystery, but the hope for something great in the works is evident in the locals of Nassau County.

* Image from Newsday