It’s Aim Time!

Isabella Athanasiou, Editor

Hawkeye is finally getting his time to shine! But is Hawkeye in this series really who we think? In addition to the recent releases of Marvel’s Wanda Vision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Marvel and Disney have set to release a Hawkeye miniseries on Disney+ on November 24th, 2021. According to the trailer that was released by Marvel on September 13th 2021, it is apparent that this series will have a sort of winter holiday theme. The series will star Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton and Hailee Steinfeld as a character we have yet to see in Marvel’s cinematic universe. Though it is assumed that Clint will be retiring from his position as Hawkeye, the Marvel universe will not go without this hands-on hero. Hailee Steinfeld will be playing a character by the name of Kate Bishop, who will make her first on-screen appearance in this series as Hawkeye’s apprentice! In the comics there is a significant mentor-like chemistry between Kate and Clint, something fans are surely yearning for with the release of the show. Kate is a prominent figure in the comics who has already proved her worth as a hero, and has been an awaited addition to the MCU. So what are we to expect in this series and who really is Kate Bishop?

Filming for the awaited series was started in early 2020, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it had to be unfortunately put on hold. The series’ production has since continued and finished as verified in an Instagram post by Renner, where he thanked the entire crew for their devotion and hard work on the project. In the series, Hailee Steinfeld will be joining Renner for her first Marvel role. In addition there are numerous honorable mentions who will be a part of this striking cast, some well-knowns consisting of Florence Pugh, Alaqua Cox, Tony Dalton, Vera Farmiga and several others. The miniseries is to consist of approximately 6-8 episodes and according to Variety, “The project is said to be an adventure series in which Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye, will pass the torch to Kate Bishop.” This is an exciting development for those who have read the comics, since in the comics the code name “Hawkeye” has already been passed down to Kate. Various aspects of the comics will finally be depicted, and this goes for a multitude of details that comic fans already have knowledge of. For instance, in the comics Clint is depicted as hard of hearing, which has not yet been shown in the MCU’s representation of the character. But according to journalist Sabrina Bellissimo, “While that has yet to be incorporated into Jeremy Renner’s version of the character, set pictures seem to show Clint wearing a hearing aid.” There are a lot of critical details and action to come, so there’s a lot to look forward to!

Now when it comes to Kate Bishop in the comics, there’s alot to unfold. Comic readers know the complexity to the character, and the miniseries has a lot to live up to when portraying her. It is good to have a bit of understanding about who this young lady is before the show is released. Kate Bishop was first introduced in the Young Avengers comics before serving alongside Clint as his apprentice within the Hawkeye timeline. So who really is Kate Bishop? Kate Bishop is a girl of wealth who had once lived a lavish childhood. This changed, however, when her mother passed away, and things got even worse when she was attacked in Central Park. This attack left young Kate with some serious trauma, yet it did not completely deteriorate the young woman. Kate went to therapy and self-defense classes where she learned to fight. This then helped the young lady get back on her feet. She trained in martial arts, archery and fencing, all of which taught her skills that she would later use to fight villains. When joining the Young Avengers, all heroes had names that correlated to the OG Avengers. Kate had no direct connection to Clint at the time, and at that point Clint was out of the picture. The code name “Hawkeye” was up for grabs, and Kate took this title as she was a skilled marksman. Clint eventually does come back and he makes his return as a hero, but both characters share the Hawkeye title and form an alliance. This then turned into Clint becoming a mentor and role model for the young Kate as he taught and fought alongside her. This is where their journey together began, and where it is assumed the show will take off.

With the release of the Hawkeye miniseries somewhat close, and with the recent release of the trailer, many Marvel fans are ecstatic for what’s to come. The yearn for something great is apparent, and the MCU audience is awaiting a great depiction of what has not yet been shown. So if you are a Marvel fan, or are looking for some strong female representation, this could be the show to watch. Now get your aim on, and wait for the release of the series!

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