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The New York Jets have had their struggles in the past seasons, and as a Jets fan myself, I’m tired of it. Every season feels like the same, boring, dull Jets. However, there is a spark in this team now, something that I have not felt in my 6 years of being a Jets fan. I feel as if it is the start of a new era in New York Jets football.

This past offseason has given almost every Jets fan some hope going into the new NFL season. They hired San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh to become the new head coach of the Jets, who always preaches culture and builds a bond with every single player on the roster with the famous mantra, “All gas, no brake.” We have had a multitude of free agent signings such as Corey Davis (WR), Carl Lawson (DE), Justin Hardee (DB/ST), Sheldon Rankins (DT), Morgan Moses (RT), and a few others. However, the one thing that stands out above the rest during this offseason process is the NFL Draft. Going into the draft the Jets had the 2nd and 23rd pick in the first round which had every Jets fan ecstatic due to the amount of talent this draft class had in store. But most Jets fans knew exactly who they wanted at that second overall draft spot: BYU product, QB Zach Wilson. Wilson dominated, posting unreal QB numbers in 2020, which was his breakout season by far, having 3,692 yards, 33 touchdowns and three interceptions, rushing for 254 yards and 10 rushing touchdowns, while also completing 73.5% of his passes. Once the Jets selected him, it was sort of hard not to be optimistic about the upcoming season.

Jets: Week 13 Recap

Fisher DiSimone, Staff Writer

It’s Week 13 and the Jets look to take momentum and get their second win in a row against the Philadelphia Eagles. Some notable things that took place before the game began, with Eagles young star quarterback Jalen Hurts out due to an ankle injury. With Hurts being out, the next man up was Gardener Minshew, who has lots to prove after getting traded from the Jaguars out of his starting job to the ...

Jets: Week 12 Recap

Fisher DiSimone, Staff Writer

As week 12 takes shape there were many storylines revolving around the Jets. For starters, Zach Wilson makes his return after missing 4 games due to a PCL sprain, and this was a very winnable game for the Jets. Both teams heading into this game were 2-8, so you would have to think both fan bases had hopes of winning this week. Once again, this was a close game, and it ended with a Jets win! There we...

Jets: Week 11 Recap

Fisher DiSimone, Staff Writer

Before going into the game against the Dolphins there was a little bit of a surprise. On Wednesday, Coach Robert Saleh said in a press conference that Zach Wilson will NOT be playing this week because he still isn’t 100% coming off his PCL injury. Knowing this, and also Mike White coming off of a horrible start against the Bills throwing four interceptions, the next man up that will be starting: J...

Jets: Week 10 Recap

Fisher DiSimone, Staff Writer

The Jets faced their division rivals in the Bills during week 10 of the NFL. After coming off of a shootout of a game against the Colts which inevitably came out in a loss, the Jets looked to bounce back. There was some buzz around the league that Zach Wilson would start against the Bills,  but the Jets rested him for this game, and he will most likely be making a return at home against the Dolphins we...

Jets: Week 9 Recap

Fisher DiSimone, Staff Writer

Jets took on the Colts during Thursday Night Football to kick off week 9 of the NFL and surprisingly, Jets fans were optimistic. Mike White just threw for over 400 yards and led us to our second win of the season, and things looked to take shape. Our offense was scoring in large amounts, our defense has been making the stops they need, what’s not to be excited about? Apparently our defense. This ga...

Jets: Week 8 Recap

Fisher DiSimone, Staff Writer

Two words. Mike. White. This matchup, the Jets faced what was supposed to be a blowout in favor of the Bengals due to starting QB and WR (Zach Wilson and Corey Davis) out with injuries; however, these projections couldn’t be more wrong. The Jets won a football game. And no, this is not a drill. With their backup quarterback in the game against the number one team in the AFC record-wise, the Jets p...

Jets: Week 7 Recap

Fisher DiSimone, Staff Writer

Once Week Seven came around, the little optimism some Jets fans had was crushed after the absolute blowout of a game the Jets had against the Patriots. This game was somehow our worst game, even when I thought it couldn’t get any worse. The final score was 54-13, and if it could be summed up in one word: embarrassing. On top of the absolutely crushing defeat, our starting QB Zach Wilson went down with a...

Jets: Week 6 Bye

Fisher DiSimone, Staff Writer

The Jets had their bye week this week and since there is not much fresh news going on I would like to talk about what I feel they need to accomplish in order to improve. First off, continue to apply pressure on defense. The Jets have quite the defensive line, re-signing John Franklin Myers to a multi year deal, shoring up part of our defensive line. I feel if we continue to build on our d-line and keep...

Jets: Week 5 Recap

Fisher DiSimone, Staff Writer

Going into Week 5 of the NFL Jets fans were pretty optimistic about this team coming off a win from a team that made the playoffs two consecutive years in a row. With that being said, you would expect the Jets to beat a Falcons team without their top two WRs, and arguably the worst defense in the league. Spoiler alert: they did not meet expectations. This week the Jets had one of the two matchups in ...

Jets: Week 4 Recap

Fisher DiSimone, Staff Writer

Week 4 of the NFL and for the Jets, it seemed like another blowout waiting to happen. The past three weeks we were absolutely embarrassed and at least for me, I was hoping for just one touchdown. The matchup we faced was Jets vs Titans, the Titans coming off a 2-game win streak and seeming to be on a roll. However, they were down their two best receivers in AJ Brown and Julio Jones. Even then, mos...

Jets: Week 3 Recap

Fisher DiSimone, Staff Writer

Week 3, Jets vs Broncos.  Just when I thought we couldn’t look any worse, we did. This Broncos team has an elite defense with a solid offense. I knew ahead of time our offense would have even more trouble against this Broncos defense, but I was not expecting us to not put a single point on the board. This week there weren't many positives about this team.  Zach Wilson threw 2 INTs, and our...

Jets: Week 2 Recap

Fisher DiSimone, Staff Writer

Going into Week 2 the Jets faced yet another tough matchup taking on the New England Patriots. This Patriots team was stacked on the defensive end, while having a decent offense. After the first half, the Jets were already down 13-3, Zach Wilson already threw 2 INTs, so things were not looking good. I myself actually went to this game and I noticed a few things.  First off, it was the first home game with f...

Jets: Week 1 Recap

Fisher DiSimone, Staff Writer

Once Week 1 was upon us, there were a lot of headlines surrounding the matchup. The New York Jets vs the Carolina Panthers was rookie Zach Wilson's first NFL start. And of course his initiation into the NFL would be against Sam Darnold, who was playing a “revenge game” against the Jets after they traded him away this past offseason. There were also lots of interesting stats going into this game, one...

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