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Jets: Week 2 Recap

Going into Week 2 the Jets faced yet another tough matchup taking on the New England Patriots. This Patriots team was stacked on the defensive end, while having a decent offense. After the first half, the Jets were already down 13-3, Zach Wilson already threw 2 INTs, so things were not looking good. I myself actually went to this game and I noticed a few things. 

First off, it was the first home game with fans since COVID began, and the environment was extremely loud and explosive. However, once the Jets went down 22-3 in the third, the crowd had died down heavily. The second thing I noticed was since Zach Wilson was having a bad game, the crowd actually booed him. He had thrown 4 INTs at the time and everything had seemed to go off the rails by the 4th quarter. The final score was 25-6, and there wasn’t much optimism about this team after that game.

I feel the biggest problem for this Jets team is the offensive line. Zach Wilson has absolutely no time to throw the ball and it is causing him to speed through his reads and inevitably throw the ball away, or even worse, throw an interception. However, all the blame is not put on the offensive line, but rather on our entire offense. Our WRs and TEs were never open and our RBs could hardly break out large runs. The one positive takeaway I can get from this game is our defense looks surprisingly solid. Going into the season, most Jets fans thought the offense would be explosive and that the defense would hold them back, but it has been the exact opposite. Our young CBs such as Bryce Hall and Michael Carter II have really shown up and proved to everyone that they can be elite. Besides a few positives, this week was a pure disaster for the green and white.

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