Socks for Kindness!

The Paper Lion has joined forces with Pals Socks to raise money for The Butterfly Effect Scholarship for Perseverance and Kindness. Please check out the information below and help us out. It’s time to show the graduating seniors of FHS that kindness matters… and strengthen your sock game at the same time!
In the 2019-2020 school year, the Paper Lion began raising money for a brand new scholarship, The Butterfly Effect Scholarship for Perseverance and Kindness. We were able to award two seniors with some scholarship money and remind them that their kindness matters.
This Year
After a crazy year last year, it’s time to bring that scholarship back, and the Paper Lion is raising money once again.
The winner of this scholarship will be a graduating senior who embodies the following characteristics: academic progress, social growth, increased confidence, and most importantly, KINDNESS.
How Can You Help?
We are teaming up with Pals Socks, a fun mismatched sock company, to raise money for this scholarship! We get $5.00 for every pair of socks sold through the link below! Please see the attached flyer for more info and let’s all wear some (mismatched) socks for kindness!
NOTE: There is a $5.00 shipping fee (same price regardless of how many pairs you order), but your socks will be delivered directly to your home.
And don’t forget, socks make great gifts! Speaking of that, to receive orders by Christmas, orders must be placed by Monday, 12/13. To receive orders by the first night of Hanukkah, orders must be placed by Friday, 11/12.
The fundraiser is open now and closes on Monday, 12/13!