Taking the Challenge

Moelony Cameron, Staff Writer

Challenge Day is a nonprofit organization that helps people build empathy and compassion in communities. According to the Challenge Day website, it “helps youth and adults unlearn harmful habits and learn vulnerability as a pillar to restore strength. Challenge Day enables everyone who participates and experiences the freedom of full expression through the lens of compassion, connection, and diversity. In the past 5 years we have supported 300,000 students and 60,000 adults directly.” 

On Thursday, October 28th, I had the chance to experience Challenge Day for the first time, and it was really amazing. When first entering, I was confused at what was going on because the first thing we were told to do was find a seat and then have a dance party, which is odd. Throughout the day we did various activities that were both engaging and sometimes very eye-opening. At first I did not understand the purpose of Challenge Day. I just found it as a way to get out of my classes, but the day itself was very meaningful. The activity that stood out to me the most was called “Cross The Line.” If something applies to you, you have to walk across the room and cross the line. For example, you were told to cross the line if you or someone you know has dealt with depression. Throughout the whole activity everyone answered honestly, and many people were able to be vulnerable with themselves and others. You also were able to learn things about people around you that you may not have known. I was able to answer all of the questions honestly, and I began to understand more things about myself. 

Besides doing activities I actually made a friend during Challenge Day. We were partners for a certain activity and became friends instantly. During the day we were basically forced to step out of our comfort zones and speak to people we would never expect to talk to before. Your social status, economic status, or political opinion did not matter, which made it easy for everyone to communicate with each other. Challenge Day was such a learning experience, and the leaders were absolutely amazing. They encouraged everyone to be more inclusive, more compassionate, and more present. It was such a life changing experience, which I recommend everyone try at least once.

  • photo from www.challengeday.org