My Jersey, Your Impact

Sarah Morrison, Staff Writer

With the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers have had to teach their students in different and difficult ways they never expected. They sometimes do not receive the recognition they deserve, but this fall, the FHS Athletic Department brought a new tradition to Farmingdale High School called “My Jersey, Your Impact.”  

Senior Varsity Captains selected and surprised a faculty member who has had an impact on them during their years at Farmingdale High School. The teachers selected by the students were surprised with a jersey that read “I made an impact on the life of an athlete.” They then wore the jersey proudly to the students’ home games. Mrs. Berkoski, Director of Physical Education and Athletics, brought the tradition to Farmingdale: “A parent of two Farmingdale students brought it to my attention that it was happening in other states, so we decided to tweak it a bit to fit the Daler style,” said Berkoski. “We are planning on it being a new tradition and maybe, just maybe, it will filter into other areas in the district. They (the students) were really really excited and couldn’t wait to approach their favorite educators.” 

Mr. Phelan, a U.S History teacher at Farmingdale High School was one of the lucky educators that received a jersey. “I was honored and surprised to receive the jersey! We can only hope as teachers to help out students and have an impact,” said Phelan. “When we find out that we actually have influenced a student, there is no better feeling. Ryan didn’t just make my day with that jersey, he made me feel great about my job and the work we do as teachers.”

Mrs. Logan, the American Sign Language teacher at the high school, also received a jersey from a student athlete. “The program is such a wonderful thing for the teachers,” said Logan. “It was an honor to be chosen and it was such a surprise! I had no idea I was being chosen and Lilianna presented me with the jersey to wear on game day. Being a teacher, you have a strong connection with the students.” Since Mrs. Logan is the only American Sign Language teacher in the building, she teaches the students the language each year when they decide to continue with the class. “The students in my program, in particular, I am extremely close with because I have them all throughout high school. Not for just one year; I have the students for as long as they take the American Sign Language program. Being able to show my support by wearing the jersey, and being chosen by a student athlete, is a special honor. I was so proud to wear it.” 

As a student having had both of these teachers, I can say that they certainly deserve this recognition. Hopefully, this tradition will continue within our amazing district to display how educators impact our lives in a positive way.