That’s the Spirit!

Isabella Athanasiou, Editor

Farmingdale’s annual Spirit Week occurred from October 12th to the 15th in preparation for Homecoming, and the themes were better than ever! Spirit week is a time where the Farmingdale community can display their school spirit in a fun and interesting way. SGA leaders devoted time to develop a schedule that consisted of a few diverse themes.

Though there was no school on Monday, the Spirit Week fun commenced the following day. With that, Tuesday’s theme was Neon Day! A day in which people could dress up in their brightest colors, to match their bright spirits. Wednesday’s theme was Disney Day, where people could dress in their best Disney attire. From Mickey to Star Wars, there were endless possibilities. Thursday’s theme was Country Day, another day with endless possibilities as there were countless interpretations for this unique theme. Lastly was Friday’s theme, and it was a day where students and staff showed their school spirit by wearing Daler gear! Many sported this year’s homecoming shirts, but it was an opportunity to flaunt any sort of Daler Merch.

Following Farmingdale High School’s 2021 Spirit Week was an amazing and unique Pep Rally. With last year’s Pep Rally fully virtual to the student body as a result of Covid-19, there were high hopes for this year’s event.

Different from past years, the Pep Rally was held outside to ensure the safety of all participants and performers. Also as opposed to last year’s event, the seniors were allowed to attend the Pep Rally and enjoy their last Pep Rally in person.

A hard surface was put on the football field for Farmingdale’s athletes, captains, and teams to walk on as they received kudos for their achievements and participation. The hard surface was also a place in which performances from the Farmingdale Dalerettes, Varsity Cheerleaders, and the Steppin’ Dalers occurred, invigorating both the virtual audience and the in-person spectators. These performances were accompanied by music played by our very own Pep Band! All put on amazing performances that paved the path for excitement during the Homecoming game.

Pep Rally 2021 was beloved by performers and spectators alike, and being a part of it was a special experience for many. Junior Dalerette Kaylee Schneider expresses her emotion towards this year’s Pep Rally, stating, “As a returning Dalerette it felt amazing to be able to perform in front of an audience for Pep Rally. We have worked so hard and have been practicing for four months. Nothing beats the feeling of dancing side by side with the girls I call my best friends. Even though this year was still different, like being outside in the heat on the dance floor that was put out, we were still so excited to be able to perform our Pep Rally routine. Everyone looks forward to Pep Rally and Homecoming, so to be able to have it and perform was all the Dalerettes could have asked for!”

Senior Drum Major Janese Williams also had great things to say regarding Pep Rally 2021, expressing that “Pep Rally was an amazing experience for me personally and as a band. Seeing captains being recognized and having all our Dalerettes, Steppin’ Dalers, and cheerleaders come together was incredible to see.”

Farmingdale High School’s 2021 Pep Rally was one for the books, and it was an amazing event made possible by both students and staff. School spirit was felt widely among spectators and participants, and a sense of pride overtook the Daler community in preparation for the Homecoming game (see page 11 for coverage) that we would later win and celebrate.