Girls Volleyball: Conference Champions

Isabella Mountrichas, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The varsity girls volleyball team had an amazing season with a record of 17-1, becoming this year’s conference champions, which is a huge accomplishment. Led by Coach Dave Stein and their captains Nicole Diaczun, Shannon Michael, and Taylor Reggio, these girls pushed past boundaries and accomplished new highs. They were featured in both Newsday and News 12 because of their success this year. Captain Taylor Reggio (number 24) had 103 kills this season, Nicole Diaczon (number 19) had 212 kills, and Shannon Michael (number 21) had 338 assists (Newsday).

These girls had an amazing season because of their effort and drive, and it clearly showed on the court. The bond that the team had was instrumental in their success. You could see it the moment you step into the gym to see the game. During their pregame you see them all laughing and smiling while warming up. They look like they’re having fun because they are. You feel the support by the amount they cheer each other on. You could also see it on Instagram with the goofy photos. Sometimes we forget that even though the goal of a varsity sport is to win as many games as possible, at the core of it all is to have fun and work as a team. Captain Taylor Reggio said it best: “Coming off last season with a lot of losses, this year has been exciting considering we went from only having one win to being 17-0 undefeated conference champions. I tribute our success to hard work, chemistry, and excellent coaching. It’s been an honor to serve as one of the captains for this amazing group and I will no doubt miss our time together on and off the court.”