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This section of the Paper Lion will catalog all of the ideas that spring forth from my mind. To many, the things written here may not seem to be the most, but in reality, they are of the utmost significance … at least that’s what I think. Welcome to the mind of Matt.

  MCU? More Like MC-WHO!
Does Streaming Mark the End of Theaters?
Boyd’s Got the Momentum
A Senior’s Perspective on Homework

The Hidden World of 80s Horror Movies

Matthew Agnetti, Staff Writer

Spasms, directed by William Fruet and released in 1983, follows the story of ESP researcher Tom Brasilian and millionaire philanthropist Jason Kincaid as they both try to track down and capture a massive snake that is loose in a city. Jason happens to have a psychic link with the snake after it bit him, allowing them to know its location, all while a satanic cult tries to track down the snake, believi...

Spoiler Alert! Spoilers and When to Discuss Them

Matthew Agnetti, Staff Writer

Warning! This article, ironically about not discussing spoilers, will contain spoilers for the following: The Empire Strikes Back, The Titanic, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Halloween (1978) and Avengers Endgame. Spoiler alert! Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father. I’m pretty confident that at least 90% of the people reading this already knew that little fact. I mean, the quote “Luke, I am yo...

Netflix’s Cancellation Crisis
Hollywood’s Voice Actor Problem

The Consequences of Child Fame

Matthew Agnetti, Staff Writer

Samaira Thapa is just like any other four year old girl in Nepal. She has playdates, she goes out to dinner with her family and tries her best to make everyone around her happy. She also happens to be a viral TikTok sensation. Currently, Samaira has over 786,000 followers on TikTok, over 100,000 followers on Instagram and over 150,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. She first gained recogniti...

Is the Marvel Cinematic Universe too Much of a Connected Universe?

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