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Fender Acoustasonic Series

Welcome back for another “Don’t Fret!” composed and established by yours truly! However, today I will elucidate a series of guitars rather than evaluating a single guitar. Today, I will be talking about the Fender Acoustasonic Series that was introduced by Fender in 2010 with the release of the Acoustasonic Telecaster. These guitars are Fender’s current take on the acoustic-electric guitar. The series offers three guitars, all three being the series’ version of the Fender Telecaster, Fender Stratocaster, and the Fender Jazzmaster.

These guitars are essentially acoustic guitars that can also play like a standardized Strat, Tele, or Jazzmaster when dialed to do so. You can play the guitars like you do any other acoustic- without an amp. The sound radiates as it would any other acoustic, so it’s good for mobilized use. Alternatively, you can plug it into an amp and it becomes a full functioning electric guitar. With the series, Fender managed to add the necessary aspects and hardware to make the guitar not only fully acoustic but also fully electric.

Within each build is also the capabilities of the model of guitar chosen. When buying an Acoustasonic Telecaster for example, you are buying an electric guitar with all the capabilities and tones of a normal Telecaster. But you are also getting an acoustic guitar, so it can sound like any other six-string acoustic without being plugged in. These guitars have a variety of sound, and you can dial the electric and acoustic sounds to mix and create any combination between the two. It is said that the Acoustasonic series are comfortable guitars to play, and all guitars in the series are extremely light. The series itself is very well thought out by Fender, with them trying to fill the gaps between what people want in a guitar. Overall I love this series, and hope to one day add one of these to my collection!

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