Save the Fins

Kayla Funk, Staff Writer

Shark finning is the act of catching sharks and brutally removing their fins. Most shark-finners then discard the rest of the shark by simply throwing their bodies back into the ocean after relinquishing their ability to swim. The motionless but still live shark then sinks to the bottom of the ocean where it is left to suffer through the last moments of its life. Try to picture being told that process but changing the animal to an animal that is deemed “good” by humans, then you understand that this is animal abuse and torture. 

This should upset you. This should hit a nerve. Humans view sharks as hunters, predators, and heartless creatures. Though in this instance, it’s the other way around. We are entering their territory and treating it like our own. We are abusing sea life for personal gain and it is simply not fair.

It is estimated that approximately 73 million sharks are killed each year for the sole purpose of shark fin soup. Sharks are a vital part of the ocean and if we continue to endanger them we will have a big problem on our hands. If sharks are removed from the food chain we will be left with serious damage to our ecosystems. Most sharks are currently classified as “endangered” or “vulnerable.”  We have limited time to start treating our oceans with respect and reverse our mistakes.

It is imperative to become educated on this topic. Easy ways to learn are by following organizations such as The Blue Planet Society, The Oceanic Preservation Society, and Save The Reef. There are many petitions and votes being held to stop the act of shark finning and you can even help the sharks while supporting small businesses such as Finatics. Finatics is a clothing brand that stands up for sharks. They use their platform to spread awareness and raise money through their sales. These small actions can make a big difference. Get involved and educated because you should care about the ocean!

* photo via Google Images under the Creative Commons license