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Jets: Week 10 Recap

The Jets faced their division rivals in the Bills during week 10 of the NFL. After coming off of a shootout of a game against the Colts which inevitably came out in a loss, the Jets looked to bounce back. There was some buzz around the league that Zach Wilson would start against the Bills,  but the Jets rested him for this game, and he will most likely be making a return at home against the Dolphins week 11. Knowing that, Mike White got his third start in a row after a promising start against the Colts, and a historic start against the Bengals. This week, however, he and our team were historically bad. White, throwing zero touchdowns and tallying four picks, was not ideal in his third career start. Something else not so ideal is our defense, allowing 45 points. Over the past four games the Jets have allowed 175 points, which is the second most points allowed in a four-game span by any team since the Titans in 2004 (177), per @ESPNStatsInfo on twitter. After our defense being a bright spot of our team, they have been disappointing, getting scored on practically every drive. For some positive news, both rookies Elijah Moore and Michael Carter scored during this game, showing us our future is still bright. On top of that, the Jets still own the Seahawks first round pick through the Jamal Adams trade back in 2020, and after a disappointing season from them as of Week 10, the Jets own picks three and seven. With that being said, the Jets take on the Dolphins next Sunday with their starting quarterback back and hopes to obtain their third win on the season.

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