R.E.A.L. Harmony’s Holiday Haven

Isabella Athanasiou, Managing Editor

On Friday December 17th, Farmingdale High School’s R.E.A.L Harmony club held a joyful festivity celebrating all of the winter holidays, not only celebrating Christmas, but also enlightening attendees on holidays not always given as much of a spotlight during the winter season, such as the celebration of Kwanzaa and Hanukkah. 

R.E.A.L Harmony is a multicultural club that celebrates diversity in all of its beauty. R.E.A.L Harmony has held other successful events in the past, such as the the 2019 Multicultural Showcase and the 2020 Black History Month Program, with many events to come in the future.

R.E.A.L Harmony’s Holiday Haven occurred in Cafeteria B, which was alluringly decorated and prepped for the event. There was a spread of delicious snacks and treats for all to enjoy, and pizza for attendees was provided later in the night.  There was an abundance of activities to choose from throughout the night, such as games of Dreidel, holiday bingo, and even karaoke.  The night ended with a pinata for the kids and smiles on faces.

The GSA club also attended, had their own booth, and helped run the event. The GSA members, as well as the R.E.A.L Harmony members, came together to produce and celebrate the occasion.

The first ever successful Holiday Haven at Farmingdale High School was just one of the many events to come from the R.E.A.L Harmony Club. To stay posted on upcoming events, check out the club’s website.