Waiting for Life to Begin! FHS Musical Amazes Audience

Sarah Morrison, Staff Writer

Throwback alert! Click on the image to read an October, 1967 Paper Lion (at the time known as the Daler Skyline) article about the school play. Be on the lookout for our special Throwback Edition coming in a few weeks!

The FHS Playcrafters presented “Once On This Island” on November 19th and 20th. The show was astonishing. The lights, the costumes, the singing, the dancing;  Farmingdale Playcrafters once again proudly displayed their students’ hard work and amazed their audience. 

“Once On This Island” is about how two social classes, rich and poor, share one island together. Ti Moune, played by 11th Grade student Molly Keena, falls in love with a wealthy boy named Daniel, played by 11th Grade student Makai Jones, and is guided by the island gods on a quest to reunite with each other. “We (the cast) met almost every single day, beginning in mid-September. This included a couple Saturdays,” said Ms. Mischke, the director for the FHS Playcrafters. “The crew came in to work with us every day beginning November 8th.” This is now Playcrafter’s second musical during the pandemic, and all necessary precautions were taken to make both shows go on. “Last year from a crew perspective, working on the sets for Beauty and the Beast was difficult,” said Ms. Capasso, “We had to limit how many people were showing up to crew meetings. For ‘Once on this Island,’ we still took the same precautions of contact tracing, social distancing, and mask wearing.” She continued, “There were still those days when people were out of school, quarantined, being tested, and so on, but there was a lot less worry if everything would eventually cancel the show.  We knew that there would be a show no matter what this time. The club was brought back to life this year during this production.” There was a difference in energy this year. “It seemed like everyone’s spirits were down and we were just going through the motions at times,” said Capasso of last year. “The actors and crew involved can feed off of the audience’s energy and take things to the next level and feel that sense of pride that their talent was able to be showcased. It was amazing to see the students take the lead and run the club and production like in years past.” 

The role of Little Ti Moune was played by 4th grade student Stella, from Albany Avenue. “The experience was absolutely amazing,” said Mischke, “She always came to rehearsal with a smile on her face, ready to work. Her parents were so accommodating getting her to and from rehearsals.  We could not have picked a better student for this role!” The talent that the cast and crew presented to our district was through the roof. As much as it was a very entertaining show, it was also challenging to pull off, and not just in terms of the pandemic. “The challenge of working on this show was the fact that almost the entire musical is singing,” said Mischke. “Another challenge was that everyone in the cast was in the majority of the scenes, so every scene took at least a full rehearsal to block and choreograph.” 

For the seniors, sadly it is their last musical with the Farmingdale Playcrafters. Yet again, another musically talented class graduates and their legacy lives on within the club. “It was definitely really sad,” said Stage Manager and Senior, Katherine Marino. “I think it still hasn’t hit me that I’m a senior yet, but seeing everyone crying at the show really hurt because I know I can’t do it again next year. I was happy we had a show but sad it had to end.” 

As a senior myself involved in Playcrafters, I’m going to miss being involved with tech week, as well as the memories I made for the past four years. I will never forget this club and how welcome I felt when I first joined as a freshman. Another year goes by, and another amazing performance by the FHS Playcrafters. Congratulations on your last musical, seniors!