Ready, Set, Zumba!

Hailey Timmerman, Staff Writer

Throwback alert! Click on the image to read a 1980s Paper Lion article about a brand new dance movement at FHS: breaking! Be on the lookout for our special Throwback Edition coming in a few weeks!

Throughout the years, we have seen many new and upcoming styles of dancing. New to Farmingdale High School in the 2021-22 school year is the Zumba Club, an endorphin-boosting, friendship-building experience fit for people of all ages. Meeting every Thursday after school, zumba uses dance to elevate mood, build confidence, increase fitness, and help connect with others in a positive way. This club is a great way to get out of your skin and express yourself in a fun way.  Traditional class will consist of dances like salsa, hip-hop, and pop. Each routine is unique and unlike the common idea of dance we create in our heads when we think of the word. The zumba club uses Youtube routines with trendy and popular music; to bring some creativity into the club, members sometimes come together and create their own routines to some of their favorite songs. 

The zumba club was built in hopes of students taking away skills that they could use to create a career, but it could also simply be a fun habit for themselves. Some students can even eventually become instructors themselves. Senior Sara Hughes, who co-founded the club, says, “I had an interest in zumba and found a way to make it a part of a gold award for Girl Scouts. To get more into zumba, I had an idea to create a club at our school. During the pandemic, students weren’t able to move and exercise as everyone was stuck in their homes. So with the help of the club, and the movement zumba requires, we could help people come out of the stuck-at-home mindset, and bring them out of their shells, while still having fun.”