Got Creativity? Join Labyrinth!

Emily Testut, Staff Writer

Do you have creativity inside you that is just yearning to be shared with others? Do you have art pieces to work on and share? Do you have stories that want attention? Or maybe, do you just want to meet new people? Well, Labyrinth is the perfect place for that! Labyrinth is a club made for anyone who has interests in writing and art, and for anyone who just simply wants to make friends. A lot of people in the club have different interests and personalities, but at the same time, have a lot of things in common. Some people might like writing more than art, and some might like art more than writing. The Labyrinth magazine has many types of writing and art, like digital art, hand-drawn/painted art, creative writing, and so much more. No matter what, everyone gets along very well. From my time at the club, I have seen diversity, commitment, and witnessed so many kind people. There are just so many things you need to know.

The advisors of this amazing club are Mrs. Courtney Cozzetto and Mrs. Laura Steffen. They are both very nice people and will welcome you with open arms as soon as you walk in. The co-editors-in-chief are Isabella Mountrichas and Elisabeth Marchetti (Lissy). Isabella and Lissy enjoy being in the club, and it plays a very important role in their life. “I definitely like it a lot, and the freedom that comes with it. Writing helped me to cope with things going on and gave me an outlet, “ says Isabella. 

This club offers the opportunity for your writing and art pieces to be seen and get recognized. They publish a magazine called Labyrinth that holds pieces of writing and art to go with it. There are mixtures of different pieces with different meanings, and different tones and themes. “I feel like anyone could submit anything and be comfortable in the environment. I never really had a talent that I was good at. When I started to write, I realized that that was my talent,” says Lissy.

So, as you can see, Labyrinth is an amazing place to just…feel free. Isabella and Lissy are only two of the kind people I met, and there are so many more, just eager to meet you.

Mrs. Cozzetto and Mrs. Steffan would love to see you there; they meet every Wednesday in room 277 right after school.