I Love that Dirty Water… Boston You’re My Home

Sarah Morrison, Staff Writer

Throwback alert! This article discusses the history of the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry! Be on the lookout for our special Throwback Edition coming soon!


Native New Yorkers all share the same hatred: the city of Boston and their sports teams. If you’re a New York Yankees fan, the hatred for their sports teams, especially the Red Sox, is pretty hefty. As a Red Sox fan, I understand why Yankees fans hate the Red Sox organization and the fans. I would get pretty mad too if I saw my team get knocked out of the postseason by their most hated rival, but luckily, I don’t know what it’s like to see the Yankees beat the Red Sox in the postseason. The 2004 AL Championship series, the 2018 AL Division series, and the 2021 AL Wild Card game, all sting for Yankees fans, in and out of New York. However, I was born in 2004, when the infamous “Curse of the Bambino” was broken. 

I was born in April, which is the beginning of baseball season. My dad always tells me that when I was born, he held me in the hospital, while watching the Boston Red Sox sweep the New York Yankees on the TV over the weekend. That same year, the Boston Red Sox went to the World Series, and won, winning their first World Series since 1918. So yes, I have seen the Red Sox dominate the rivalry since 2004. However, it wasn’t always like this. If you are not a baseball fan, let me tell you about the Curse of the Bambino. 

The Curse of the Bambino is what I believe adds on to the intense rivalry. The Curse of the Bambino starts with Baseball legend Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth was originally in the minor leagues, but was then sold to the Boston Red Sox. Eventually, the Red Sox had enough with Babe Ruth’s behavior, so they sold him to the Yankees. This was the worst mistake they could have ever made. After they sold Ruth to the Yankees, the Red Sox had an 86-year World Series drought. From 1920 to 2003, the New York Yankees won 26 World Series championships and 39 pennants. During that same time period, the Red Sox only earned four pennants. Two years after the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth, Ruth went on to have a record setting season. In 1923, the Yankees won their first World Series. Oddly enough, out of the 24 players playing for the Yankees, 11 of them used to play for the Red Sox. 

Being a Boston fan during this time period was rough. The New England Patriots were not founded yet, the Boston Celtics started their success in the late 50s, and the Boston Bruins won Stanley Cups here and there. Boston wasn’t known for their sports teams, yet. Let’s fast forward to the 1960s. The only success in sports that the city of Boston experienced, so far, was the Boston Celtics’ success in the 60s and mid 70s. Being a Red Sox fan in the 60s is the equivalent of being a Detroit Lions fan today. In 1960, the Boston Red Sox had their 60th season. What changed, you may ask? Nothing! Absolutely nothing. They finished with a terrible record of 65 wins and 89 losses. Red Sox fans knew no other emotion other than sadness and disappointment at this point. They went from winning three World Series in four years, to winning none since 1918. Little did Red Sox fans know, this pain would carry over for another 44 years, until a very special year came around, 2004. 

2004 was our year. After winning the 2004 World Series, Red Sox fans were happy again! Not to mention, the Red Sox finally beat their most hated rival in all of baseball, the New York Yankees. Ever since the historical year of 2004, Boston sports teams started to become a success. Sure, there have been rough patches for the teams, but statistically, Boston is the number one city for sports. With the Patriots dynasty, the success of the Celtics and the Bruins, but most importantly, the Curse of the Bambino broken, Boston fans felt any other emotion besides sadness. Being born in 2004, while also being a Boston fan, is pretty cool. I’ve seen more championship parades for my teams than anyone my age, unless they’re also a Boston sports fan. It’s crazy how little things in the world of baseball can change an entire team’s motivation. Who would have known that the Boston Red Sox would go 86 years without seeing another World Series? Since then, one of the most intense rivalries in baseball has been nothing but thrilling, and more heated between fans.