Dalers Step Up For St. Baldrick’s!


Instead of going bald this year, Dalers are going to STEP UP for St. Baldrick’s!

We will count our steps and complete an athletic challenge together. Our goal is to move 35 miles in 35 days, starting on Monday, March 7th, and ending on Sunday, April 10th. Run, walk, bike, count your steps with a smartwatch around the building… it all counts! The idea is to do this together, to encourage each other, and of course to “step up” and raise money for St. Baldrick’s. Let’s get moving and support this great cause!

CLICK HERE to join the virtual event, donate to the event, or both!



Congratulations to our Step Up winners: Mrs. Cindi Garner moved 311.59 miles as an individual, the Red Hot Chili Steppers moved 645.16 miles as a team, and Farmingdale High School moved 2,043.16 miles as a school.

In the end, the Farmingdale School District worked together to raise $11,459 for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation! Way to go Dalers!