Taking the “Plunge” for a Cause

Taking the Plunge for a Cause

Kayla Timmerman, Staff Writer

On Saturday, March 19th, Farmingdale students and members of the swim and dive team took part in the Town of Oyster Bay’s Polar Plunge. A Polar Plunge is an event held during the winter in which its participants enter the ocean or another body of water despite the low temperature. These plunges are often organized to raise money for a charitable organization, which is just what these students did. These students were able to raise $930 dollars for the local athletes of Special Olympics NY, a foundation in which athletes with intellectual disabilities have an opportunity to participate in competition. Students raised this money by spreading the word for donations and participants. The team was organized by Junior Fiona Andrew and her mom, Margaret. “It felt awesome to all come together and know we were doing something for the better of others,” comments one student. Another student participant says, “We were all super proud of ourselves for what we were able to do and the money we were able to raise”. These students really made a great leap!