Tesla to Twitter 


Michael Varriale, Staff Writer

How many times a day do you send a tweet? On average, 500 million are sent per day. Now, one of your favorite social media platforms may be under new ownership. Elon Musk,the multi billionaire, is trying to buy Twitter for the equivalent of 44 billion dollars. He is putting up a big portion of his stock in Tesla to acquire Twitter.

Now Musk doesn’t want to just buy Twitter for no reason. According to Musk, Twitter is a “digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated.” Musk plans to make some big changes that he says can only be done by a private company. He wants to make the platform adhere more to freedom of speech. He calls this “the bedrock of a functioning democracy.” Big changes might be in store if this deal goes through.

That’s only if this deal works out. Due to the high amounts of bots on the platform, and the rollercoaster of a stock market/economy, Musk is beginning to get cold feet. Musk wants to make sure that less than 5% of active Twitter accounts are bots. Right now there’s 229 million people active on Twitter. According to Twitter, less than 5% of these accounts are fake. From what I understand, an issue is that Musk is concerned about how many people will actually see advertisements. Theoretically, This becomes a problem because if big companies know that most accounts are bots, they will turn away from advertising on Twitter and leave Musk missing out on big checks. If there turns out to be more than 5% of bot accounts, the deal can dramatically change. Allegedly Twitter only used a pool of 100 accounts to get this number which is how this issue came to be.

Twitter clapped back by saying Musk violated the Non Disclosure Agreement, although what the NDA entails is unknown. According to Musk, he violated the NDA by tweeting out that Twitter only used a pool of 100 accounts to get their 5% statistic. If it turns out that he did violate these terms he can be liable to pay $1 billion regardless of if he buys Twitter or not.

Many well-known people have shown interest in Musk buying Twitter, including Meek Mill when he tweeted out, “Let us invest with you big homie.” Now, L.A. rapper Snoop Dogg is getting involved. On May 13, he tweeted out “May have 2 buy Twitter now.” After a series of tweets from Snoop, Musk tweeted back with 2 fire emojis. We could have an all out bidding war on our hands.

Every day this deal is changing. One day it’s on, the next day it’s off and the next day allegations are being made on what the other side did. This entire event could possibly lead to a big change in the economy and stock market. Who knows what’s in store for your favorite social media platform.