Red Ribbon Week

Ethan Agnetti, Staff Writer

SADD Club Looks Towards a Safer Future for Teenagers.

The CDC reports that, in 2015, a total of 772 American teenagers aged 15 to 19 died from a drug overdose. 772 Lives of children which will never be able to return home to their families. 772 parents who will never be able to see their children again. 772 children which, through one mistake, cost them their entire lives.

Red Ribbon Week is a nationwide event celebrated in schools which advocates for students making smart choices when it comes to drug use. Red Ribbon Week was started by a group of concerned parents in 1985 in response to the death of Enrique Camarena, which sparked the fire that engulfed the nation in Drug Awareness. Here at FHS, Red Ribbon Week was celebrated from October 23rd to the 29th, and was organized by the SADD Club (Students Against Destructive Decisions) every year.

So what is SADD all about anyway? SADD Club President Melissa Treulich, who has been in the club for three years, says, “SADD club is a group of high school students which advocates for healthy decisions, such as safe driving and mental health awareness.” During Red Ribbon Week, “our goal is to educate students on the effects of drugs as well as the decisions they make in regards to making healthy and well-minded decisions,” Melissa adds. Melissa says that SADD has been putting on Red Ribbon week for over five years.

All in all, Red Ribbon week is a very important event that happens here at FHS. The week helps students make more informed decisions. Melissa and the SADD club as a whole make an effort every year to make Red Ribbon Week better than the last. “I think there was some positive reception to Red Ribbon Week. We also conducted many beneficial activities in the Commons.” She concludes, “We could always improve upon what we do each year; however, I feel like it was a success as we have done more than what we have ever done in previous years.”