It Smells Like Teen Spirit!

Isabella Athanasiou, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Farmingdale’s 2022 Spirit Week Was a Cinematic Scene!

The ‘Friday Night Lights’ in Farmingdale are back! In the days prior to Farmingdale High School’s homecoming, students and staff displayed electrifying energy with their prodigious participation in the annual occasion. This Spirit Week was a movie, one with great graphics and a genre we had yet to see. The genre in question is… Movies and TV! Well known entertainment beloved by all was ultimately used in creative ways to create a cinematic scene. Spirit Week occurred from October 6th to October 13th, splitting the bewildering spirit into two different weeks. Though the week was split, the energy was surely not lost, with Spirit Week guiding Farmingdale’s homecoming win to secure a still undefeated season.

Thursday October 6th was the first segment of the cinematic spirit scene, the first ever at Farmingdale High School: “Anything But a Backpack” day! Students and staff brought out-of-the-ordinary objects to carry their necessities for the day, and the items varied greatly. The entertainment concept for this day was Dora and the use of her backpack in the show that so many adored as children. SGA advisor Mrs. Grant stated, “Anything but a backpack day was my favorite. Probably because it was new. It was the first time this day was a part of our Spirit Week and the students were so creative! We saw picnic baskets, traffic cones, laundry baskets, pizza boxes, pinatas, a pumpkin, and even a sled or two.” It is for this reason that Senior Callie O’Brien said, “My favorite day of Spirit Week was ‘Anything But a Backpack’ day,” and that it “allowed everyone to get creative and bring different things to school that we would normally never bring.” The day was filled with a comical spirit that helped lead production to the second segment of Spirit Week.

Friday, October 7th was the second segment of the cinematic spirit scene, leading to the show that was to commence with the big game. Inspiration for the day was derived from the iconic movie Mean Girls, “We Wear Pink” day! The phrase “We wear pink” is a quote that is very recognizable from the film, and Farmingdale High School used it in a matter to promote breast cancer awareness. Everyone wore their pink attire, and pink shirts were sold in part of this attempt to spread awareness about breast cancer. Senior Mia Smith worked with SGA leaders to make this day possible, as she mentions, “This Spirit Week was originally not supposed to have a pink out day, but to continue my fundraising endeavors as well as having a pink out football game, the SGA leaders worked with me to give up one of their days so we can pink out at the football game and in school.” The day was extremely successful, as Mia’s “Make ‘Cents’ out of Breast Cancer” fundraiser raised a lot of money for an amazing cause. Students and staff brought the Farmingdale Spirit with their pink during the school day, and also showed off their pink attire at the home football game that took place that night.

The third segment of the Spirit Week production was on Tuesday, October 11th, the start of a new week with familiar excitement. The well known CW series All American served as an inspiration for what was to come of the day, with the theme being “Red, White, and Blue.” The main character in the series, Spencer James, is an All-American athlete who goes through ups and downs during his football career. He is dedicated to his game, as the Farmingdale community is dedicated to theirs. Students and staff displayed their patriotic pride with red, white, and blue attire that flooded the hallways with honor.

The fourth segment of Farmingdale’s Spirit Week was “Keep It Classy” day! The treasured series The Office was the ideal fit for this work heavy day, as many students spent their time taking the PSAT. Nonetheless, students and staff arrived in their professional attire, and got to work, something Michael Scott would definitely not approve of.
The fifth segment of Spirit Week was the perfect finale that kept everyone on their toes for the homecoming game. Taking place on Thursday, October 13th was “Tourist Attire” day. With apparel deriving from the very well known series Outer Banks, students and staff wore their best tourist gear to show their school spirit. Outer Banks is a teen drama series that takes place off the coast of North Carolina, a series which has amassed incredible recognition and love from so many. Students and staff looked the part, resembling someone who had just come back from such a place.
The final segment of Spirit Week took place on Friday, October 14th with the mini fair in the Commons, as students and staff traveled from each booth in their Daler attire. Senior Melanie Iovino expressed that this was her favorite day, stating, “I got to work at the fair, see my friends and support my clubs and other organizations.” By the end of the day, everyone was ready to root for the home team.

SGA leaders devoted their time and effort to develop the theme for the better-than-ever Spirit Week, and succeeded with all positive reviews. As the Spirit Week production wrapped, students and staff were ready for the big premiere. When asked about the outcome of the week, SGA advisor Mrs. Grant communicated that “Spirit week was awesome! We had high rates of participation and students were excited!” Freshman James Queen said that this year’s Spirit Week was also “a nice welcome to Farmingdale High School as a freshman.” The spirit and enthusiasm provided Farmingdale with what was needed to get the show on the road for homecoming!