Putting Pep in Dalers’ Steps

Isabella Athanasiou, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The Start to an Undefeated Football Season

Following the success of Farmingdale High School’s 2022 Spirit Week came their annual and greatly anticipated pep rally. This pep rally acted as a unifying atmosphere for the Farmingdale community to prepare for the homecoming game later that day. Despite last year’s pep rally being outdoors due to various Covid-19 restrictions, this year’s event was back in the gym where it had originally resided. With performances from the pep band, the Dalerettes, the varsity and JV cheerleaders, and the Steppin’ Dalers, the event was bound to bring what was needed to ensure Farmingdale’s homecoming win, as well as their undefeated season.

As the event commenced, superintendent Paul Defendini delivered a brief speech that made way for the introduction of Mr. Herman, Farmingdale High School’s beloved principal. SGA leaders Thomas O’Neil and Nicholas Mahan were brought out by Mr. Herman to help elevate spirits, and succeeded in doing so as the roar from the crowd resembled the roar of a lion, one we are very familiar with.

Shortly after, the pep band began to play Farmingdale’s school song as varsity cheerleaders and Dalerettes flooded the floor. The groups performed together, acting like individual puzzle pieces being put together to create an electrifying image. As this short performance concluded, Mr. Herman began introducing Farmingdale’s varsity football team, and players were announced one by one in an honorary manner. Kudos were given to players for their achievements and participation in Farmingdale’s athletic program, and players were wished good luck for the upcoming game.
An amazing performance followed, as the Dalerettes executed their outstanding choreography to the pep band’s playing of “Industry Baby ” by Lil Nas X. Senior Emma Kurtz described the performance as her “favorite part of this year’s pep rally.” When asked about this year’s Pep Rally, Senior Dalerette Luisa Deleon stated, “My last pep rally was a sweet and sour moment. It is so hard to know that it is your last pep rally ever as a high school student, but knowing that gives all of the seniors an extra push to work harder than ever and to enjoy the last moments of the 2022-2023 Dalerette team. In my previous years, pep rally had always been so exciting, but having this be my last year performing made it ten times better.” Luisa goes on to express that “it was so exciting to perform. There is honestly nothing like it, dancing with your best friends in front of your whole school is an experience I will truly never forget.” It is the dedication of those on the team that helped make the performance so memorable, and it was acknowledged with roars from the crowd as people cheered excitedly. Freshman Aubrey Comeau was new to this roar, but stated, “It did not disappoint, the vibe was great.”

The JV cheerleaders then took the floor, and were successful in creating an entertaining scene that boosted the spirits of all. The JV football team was also introduced and acknowledged pridefully. These introductions prompted the introductions and acknowledgment of other school teams such as Farmingdale’s volleyball teams, soccer teams, tennis teams, swim teams, hockey team, and more. Varsity captains from all teams were brought to the floor as they received praise for their participation and loyalty to Daler sports.
Following the acknowledgments was the pep band’s rendition of “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond. Senior pep band director Anthony DiPaolo stated, “My favorite part about this year’s pep rally was being able to experience it as a pep band director. Being able to work with the band in a different way aside from playing my instrument was so much fun and was an experience I will never forget.” The performance acted as a sort of segway into the next part of the pep rally event. The iconic song struck the hearts of the crowd and unified everyone as the lyrics were sung aloud in unison.

After the beautiful Pep Band feature was another performance by the varsity cheerleaders. The cheerleaders displayed impressive moves, and impressive tactics in getting the crowd pumped up for the big game that was to come. Freshman varsity cheerleader Ava Kropp stated, “Performing with the varsity cheerleaders was a dream come true. I was so anxious to go out in front of everyone but I ended up forgetting about it and just having fun with my team.” She goes on to mention that her favorite part of the event was performing, and that her team and the crowd “made it such an enjoyable experience, especially for my first time.”

A drumline feature brought about the crowning of the awaited homecoming court. The freshman court consisted of Sean Schumeyer, Gianna Recine, and Nancy Wolf. As for the sophomores, the court consisted of Thomas Meyer, Peter Ganci, and Samantha Rowland. Ava Monteleone, Ashlynn Kelly, and Jordan Welch were crowned for the junior court and as for seniors, Nicolina Kane, Trevor Gayron, and Stephanie Nemecek were crowned proudly. Pictures were taken, smiles were shared, and excitement could be seen in the eyes of all.
A few other performances from the varsity cheerleaders and the Dalerettes took place, and were followed by a finale presented by Farmingdale’s Steppin’ Dalers. The group was smaller than it had been in past years, yet the energy the performance displayed was bigger than ever. The choreography was truly outstanding, and the performance was definitely a crowd favorite.
Farmingdale’s varsity football team truly did put pep in their step as they walked on the field and delivered an outstanding performance that secured another win in Farmingdale’s undefeated season. Farmingdale’s 2022 Pep Rally was one of a kind, and a return to normalcy that set the stage for greatness in the game.