Zombie Apocalypse

Madelyn Jimenez, Staff Writer

Red Cross Club Promotes Natural Disaster Readiness

On Thursday October 27th, 2022 there was a zombie apocalypse at FHS! Don’t worry, it’s not a real one, just a Halloween-themed festival run by The Red Cross Club. This festival is centered around natural disaster readiness. Since The Red Cross is a non profit organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief, and disaster preparedness education, the main goal for this event is to educate and help people understand how to survive in any type disaster. Another goal, of course, is to help promote other school clubs as well.
The Robotics Club showed the importance of STEAM as a whole subject. They said it is important to learn problem solving skills in the world. The Robotics Club centers on problem solving, so these skills can be used to save your or someone else’s life. They sold Nerd candies to support their club, which many people were a big fan of.

The Health Science Club used their spooky posters to educate people on health careers and staying safe. Their goal was to educate young adolescents on what their future can look like and who to go to during emergency situations. They sold candy body parts and Life Savers.

The Zumba Club brought so much energy to the festival with their Halloween themed music and their amazing Zumba skills. Their goal is to make people more comfortable in their own skin through fitness. People from other club booths started joining in and dancing with them as well.

The Labyrinth Club promoted themselves by selling magazines that contain art and stories that signify ideas and beliefs about how the author feels on life. This gives the writers a chance to express themselves. This allows the author’s point of view to be shared. The Labyrinth Club is big on sharing one’s point of view and giving an emotional and creative outlet to young writers and artists.
Overall the Zombie Apocalypse was a successful afternoon for these wonderful clubs. Between the spooky decorations and the tasty treats, the clubs benefited greatly from this festival. All clubs shared great information on how to survive during certain natural disasters while still relating to the contexts of their club.