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Psycho and Rear Window

Here are honest reviews of two movies from the IMDB top 50 list. Some people consider these the best movies of all time. We are here to give our opinions on that. We watched and reviewed the movies Psycho and Rear Window, both directed by Alfred Hitchcock. We saw very stark differences in the two, despite having the same director.

Here are our thoughts, firstly, on Psycho:

N: Honestly my thoughts on Psycho were mixed. I didn’t really find myself super invested. However, the plot was actually so good. The ending of the movie had a twist that I saw coming, but I was still surprised that it was still a really good ending to that movie.

G: To be fair, I feel like the reason it didn’t hold our attention is because it was in black and white. Alfred Hitchcock has a particular way of filming movies, where he never really shows his murders on screen and instead films a bunch of cuts, and I felt that this movie didn’t really use that technique properly.

N: I think that’s right. Although it was super hard for me to stay focused on the movie, I did understand the plot and know what was going on. For a while the plot was moving kind of slow, and I wasn’t completely invested.

G: I feel like the plot was like a wave, where some parts of it were really interesting, but then other parts were just boring. I really enjoyed the highs of the movie, like the ending reveal and the big plot twists. However, the other parts were just plain boring.

If we were to grade this movie, it would be on a few aspects: music, acting, plot, cinematography, and overall opinions. For Psycho, our grades are posted below.

Music 15/20
Acting 12/20
Plot 13/20
Cinematography 5/20
Opinions 13/20
Overall 58/100

Rear Window: the second movie we watched and (in our opinion) the far superior movie. In summary, we both agreed that this movie captured and created suspense much better than Psycho, which was not the outcome we expected.

G: I think we can both agree that this movie was much better. It covered the suspense way better than Psycho did.

N: Oh definitely. I think that it held my attention throughout pretty much the entire movie. The suspense of not being able to see certain scenes was a really good way of keeping me immersed.

G: I like how, in terms of cinematography, they went for a lot of perspective shots. I felt like there was always something happening in the apartment block, whether or not we were supposed to see it, I really enjoyed how the characters all felt like real people.

N: Yeah I agree. I also really love how nothing left the room we were seeing it in, and the character development throughout the movie was really good.

G: I liked how the camera never left the room until the glass window was broken at the end. It gave a feeling that he was a prisoner in his room, and the glass breaking kind of felt like his freedom from being locked in the room

If we were to grade this movie, it would be on a few aspects: music, acting, plot, cinematography, and overall opinions. For Rear Window, our grades are posted below.

Music: 13/20
Acting: 14/20
Plot: 16/20
Cinematography: 17/20
Opinions: 17/20
Total: 77/100


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