Who is Dale?


Jenna Beinlich , Staff Writer

Get the inside scoop about our incredible mascot, Dale!

Farmingdale High School has some of the most dedicated student-athletes of all time. That statement has been proven to us time and time again, especially with our football team recently becoming the Long Island Champions. So much hard work and dedication has gone into our undefeated season from all the players, coaches, cheerleaders, Dalerettes, and everyone else involved. However, one person in particular sticks out to me when I think about Farmingdale football games, and that person is our beloved mascot, Matthew Tolson. When we think of our mascot, we think of the friendly lion everyone loves. But we often don’t consider the effort and hard work that is put in behind the suit. So, let’s get to know everything there is to know about our beloved Dale.

Matthew has a long history with musical theater. His first play was Aladdin, and over time he has fortunately been able to play a part in fourteen other productions, his most recent role being in Mary Poppins. We can definitely see Matthew’s musical theater background shine through as he performs as Dale. He is always able to keep his energy up and puts his all into being the best mascot he can possibly be. Besides being perfect for the role of Dale because of his long history with entertainment, Tolson also has outstanding school spirit. You can always find Matthew at every school play and varying extracurricular events to support his peers.

So what does Matthew like about being the mascot? “:Being the mascot has been amazing; it has helped me with my social skills and has helped me make new friends,” he says. “I love everything about being the mascot; shaking my poms, dancing, learning/performing cheers, and pumping up the crowd.  I love it all and I’m so grateful that I am able to make such an impact on the Farmingdale community.” 

Matthew Tolson is not some sort of one-trick pony, to say the least. He can sing, dance, cheer, act, play the guitar, and so much more. Too bad Dale can’t talk because Matthew has an amazing singing voice. He has showcased his ability in the form of musicals and has even released his own song about preserving through obstacles in life, titled “Never Give Up.”         

 As a former cheerleader, I know firsthand how much effort goes into learning new cheers, and seeing Matthew being able to pick up so many cheers so efficiently amazes me, especially since he cheers alongside both the competition cheerleaders and the sideline basketball cheerleaders. As Dale, Matthew has a lot of events he has to attend that are not just football games.  He has also made appearances as Dale at the Special Olympics, school parades, fifth grade graduations, and Smile Day. He makes every appearance magical. 

Matthew said the football team winning the Long Island Championship was his proudest moment as the mascot.  “I have loved every part of being the mascot.  Every event has been amazing, but I must say being the mascot during the Long Island Championship game has been my favorite part. I am so proud of everyone on the team and everyone who helped make this win happen. This team makes me so proud to be a Daler,” Matthew says. 

Matthew’s four years serving as Dale has been incredible and has truly affected our Farmingdale community in such a positive way. Overall, we should all learn a thing or two about school spirit from Matthew because he truly embodies what it means to a Daler.

* Photo by Lifetouch Photography