It’s Time For The (Daler) Holidays 

Brendan Vetter, Staff Writer

Farmingdale High School Celebrates Holiday Spirit Week


Farmingdale High School decided to throw a Christmas themed week to celebrate the holidays. This included all students wearing themed clothes like the Grinch, flannel, crazy socks, comfy clothes, or even an ugly sweater the last week of school before Christmas break.

On Monday, December 19th, the theme for the day was “The Grinch” where everyone wore clothes that related to the green-haired grouch of the season. Some students even wore a full costume of the Grinch, and it was an entertaining way to start the last week before break. On Tuesday, it was “Head to Toe in Holiday Cheer” where you could show off your holiday hats, headbands, and funny socks to all your friends. Seeing people come to class wearing Christmas stuff rather than the normal sweatshirt and sweatpants made the day that much more cheerful. After that day, it became “Festive Flannel” Wednesday where the theme was anything flannel. Lots of people came into school wearing full flannel outfits or even just a little flannel on their shirt. Then it became “Stay Cozy” Thursday, where lots of people wore cozy outfits rather than their normal outfits. People came in wearing fur coats, fleece pants, and holiday sweatshirts. Some students said that they were the most comfortable they have ever been in a class.

Then came the last day of school of 2022. You can’t have a holiday themed week and not include the most popular theme of the season: ugly sweaters. Everyone showed off their ugly sweaters around the school, spreading the holiday spirit all around. After all of these events, it was time to wave goodbye to the teachers and celebrate the holidays and the new year with friends and family.