Dalers Take On Main Street


Alyssa Hernandez, Editor

The Farmingdale Community Celebrates an Undefeated Season 

On December 4th, families all over Farmingdale woke up early to line up on Main Street to support the undefeated Long Island Class I football champions as the players took part in their victory parade. There was an atmosphere full of excitement as family members and friends waved to people they were proud of the entire season. The team was accompanied by the varsity and junior varsity cheerleading teams, the Dalerettes, young Hawks football and cheer teams, and the Farmingdale marching band walking along with them. 

November 26th marked the day the Dalers finished their undefeated season with a championship victory. With the help of the 34 carries for 392 yards by the running back Tomaso Ramos, the Dalers triumphed 42-20 over the Ward Melville Patriots. Farmingdale football was able to clinch the championship title for the first time in 21 years. Throughout the season, most games were won in blowout fashion with dominating leads over their opponents. Both the varsity and junior varsity football teams combined for 20 wins and only one loss for 2022. 

At the end of the parade, the team and town received heartfelt speeches from Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joe Saladino, Superintendent Paul Defindeni, and head coach Buddy Krumenacker that showed their true gratitude for everyone that helped Farmingdale prevail the entire season, from the players to parents to students. The hard work, support, and dedication everyone put in as a community was recognized. 2022 marked a monumental and astonishing run for Dalers football that will be remembered in Farmingdale history. 

* Image from Farmingdaleschools.org