Time to Get to Work?

Christian D'Amico, Staff Writer

Teenagers should take advantage of the opportunity to work and learn. 

Yes, jobs can be stressful for teenagers, and they can even be difficult for teenagers to find in the first place. However, working is ultimately good for teenagers because a job can provide some very important benefits. 

One reason why jobs are beneficial for teenagers is that it helps them manage their money, and this is a crucial skill.  According to Dan Brennan on WebMD.com, “This is usually the most obvious benefit, especially from your teen’s perspective. Having their own money to spend offers teenagers a tangible reward for their effort.” An eleventh grade student from Farmingdale High School, also said, “Jobs for teenagers are good. It teaches them about money management, and how to save it.”

Another reason jobs are beneficial for teenagers is that it teaches valuable life skills. It is important because you need these skills to succeed in adulthood and in life. Pamela Paul, in an article for The New York Times, says, “Having an afternoon job cultivates skills like time management and instills a sense of independence and personal responsibility — attributes that many college administrators say some students lack today.” A tenth grade student from FHS adds, “Personally, as a teenager who works, I think jobs are good for teenagers. It teaches them key things about adulthood, from caretaking to cleaning.”

Teenagers should try to get jobs to take advantage of benefits from helping with money, to teaching life skills. Yes, a job may cause some complications, but the positives outweigh the negatives. So fill out those resumes and get to work!