Google Classroom vs. Schoology

Matthais Pierre-Francois, Staff Writer

Which platform do you prefer?

A couple of years ago, the Farmingdale School District changed learning platforms, switching from Google Classroom to Schoology. In this article, I’m going to explain and state the advantages and benefits of using Google Classroom instead of using Schoology.

Advantages of Google Classroom

  • Offline Working: Google Classroom is software that can be used to work offline.

Let’s say someone is going on a business trip and can’t access any internet. That person can work on a slide, worksheet, or document offline, and when they get online, their work will be saved.

  • Compatibility: Google Classroom has a more comfortable and accessible User Interface (UI).

Google Classroom’s website and app version are both easy to access and use. When using the Google Classroom app, it’s an easy transition between whatever files you’re editing for your work.

  • Data Transferring: Google data is more likely to be successful at transferring.

Using Google Classroom, whenever you’re working on a personal project, or school-related work, the data from the app or website from Google would most likely be successful in transferring because it’s all backed up into the Google Drive and Cloud.

  • Notifications: Google Classroom notifications actually notify people.

Google Classroom is connected to Google. So when using Chrome, Edge, or other major browsers, if you’re logged into your Google account, no matter the device, you will always get notifications when a new assignment is posted, or any new feed is updated within that classroom.

  • Scheduling Assignments: Google Classroom allows you to schedule your work, making it upload automatically.

Teachers can schedule when to upload their work, making it automatic when an assignment is uploaded for the students to do. This makes it a lot easier for everyone, and students are less likely to stress out about school work.

Direct Comparison

  • Schoology

Schoology has a nice format on their goals for making work easier for students and making it easier for teachers to post the assignments. Schoology is a company that was founded way back on May 1st, 2009 and is appealing to schools globally. However, even though Schoology was made way earlier than Google Classroom, Schoology was not as recognized as Google Classroom. 

  • Google Classroom

Google Classroom is obviously a software owned by Google, released on August 12th, 2014. There hasn’t necessarily been any major updates for Google Classroom, as Google is always busy working on something else. But it still has an extremely simple UI interface for everyone to use, according to teachers and students.

Ratings and Reviews

According to, the overall rating for Google Classroom is 4.65/5 with 2104 votes, and the overall rating for Schoology is 4.38/5 with 421 votes. It shows that more people globally recognize and use Google Classroom, as well as find it more appealing as far as the experiences they’ve had with UI layouts and application compatibility. Although Google Classroom was released five years later, people are more likely to support Google Classroom than Schoology. 

From the official Play Store, Google Classroom currently has an average of 2.4 stars (out of five) with 1.99 million reviews and 100 million downloads; from the Apple Store, it has an average of 1.5 stars with 2.2 million ratings. It is rated #5 for Education. 

Schoology averages 1.9 stars with 43.3 thousand reviews and 5 million downloads on Play Store, and 1.3 stars with 115.9 thousand ratings on the Apple Store. It is ranked #28 in Education. Not only that, but Schoology is only accessible on a few devices, while Google Classroom is accessible to all devices.

So should we switch back to Google Classroom? Students respond.

  • “Google Classroom was nice to use back then during 6th grade, and it would be better since Schoology is annoying when submitting work online. But there’s really no point in switching now. If I had to choose, I’d stay with Schoology.”
  • “Great question, but to keep it short, I’d want everyone to switch to Google Classroom.”
  • “I prefer to remain where we are and use Schoology.”
  • “I find Schoology to be more useful and necessary for our work than Google Classroom. Great question though, but still I choose Schoology.”
  • “I hugely side with using Google Classroom over Schoology, definitely. Personally, I choose Google Classroom heavily over Schoology because it was so much easier to use back then than Schoology is now. It was easier to do our work. Yeah, I choose Google Classroom.”