Sensational Tri-M Seniors


Isabella Athanasiou, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Tri-M Seniors Serenade Spectators at their 2023 Senior Showcase

On Friday January 20th, 2023, Farmingdale High School’s senior class members of the Tri-M Music Honor Society presented their 2023 Senior Recital. The annual showcase serves as an adieu for the talented individuals who have dedicated immense sums of service and time to not only the honor society, but the Farmingdale Music Department as well. Tri-M seniors are expected to choose a song of a certain level, decide on a solo or a group piece, and get songs approved by Mr. Franzino and Mrs. Mannino, the advisors of the Tri-M. With that, these young musicians practiced consistently for this event, and the turnout demonstrated the absolute aptitude of these students and the brilliance of Farmingdale’s music program.

The Tri-M Music Honor Society was established 1936 by Alexander Harley and his wife Francis. Since then, it has become a consistent program of The National Association of Music Education, and has inducted young musicians on an international scale. Tri-M recognizes students for their music ability, academic excellence, school involvement and community service. Furthermore, the organization provides vast opportunities for members, and serves as a great accomplishment in the world of music. Farmingdale’s chapter of the prestigious society has participated in many impressive acts such as the NMEA All-County Music Festival, the Long Island String Festival, the NYSSMA All-State Festival, the NAfME All-Eastern, and All-National Music Festivals. Mrs Mannino states that these students also “have helped conduct NYSSMA events, usher concerts, auditions and rehearsals for the Pops concert.” The monumental dedication of Farmingdale’s young musicians is evident in their actions and commitment to such a prominent organization, the same dedication and commitment that was displayed at the 2023 Senior Recital.

The recital was held in Farmingdale High School’s lecture hall, and started at 7pm. The performances had great diversity, with pieces ranging from “Lullaby of Birdland” by George Shearing to Mendelssohn’s “Violin Concerto in E Minor op. 64,” highly recognizable and regarded works. The impressive nature of the performances were undoubtedly astounding, as the audience remained captivated throughout the course of the show. In all aspects of the recital, it was evident that these seniors had put constant work and effort into perfecting their production. In regards to this hard work, Mrs. Mannino stated, “We are really lucky here. We have some incredibly gifted students and we can’t do programs like this without them.” Mr. Franzino goes on to add “I also think that the students this year in particular were so fantastic and dedicated. I mean this was the first normal year that we have had since the pandemic happened, and this was a great way to feel like we’re here, we’re  back, and we’re making music.”

Senior performers had similar regards for the 2023 production and the organization itself, with senior performer Gianna DiDio stating, “I think the Senior Recital went very well, and everyone really did an amazing job. It was really cool seeing people perform that I haven’t seen before. Everyone really got to shine tonight and I thought it was really impressive.” Before the recital, Gil Bitsmis also stated, “It’s my senior year, I have to go big or go home. I know it is going to be a great night.” It was indeed a great time, a time in which the Farmingdale community gathered in support of talented young artists who make the Farmingdale Music Department what it is. 

The 2023 Senior Recital was a great success, and the showcase proved the excellence of the Farmingdale chapter of the Tri-M Music Honor Society. Director of Fine and Performing Arts Greg Warnokowski stated, “I am in awe of the talent that was displayed this evening, it was beyond my expectations. I felt like I was at a collegiate recital tonight, it feels like this is the Farmingdale School of Music. These students performed on a level of musicianship that I have not seen from teenagers, and they should be so proud of themselves.” The success of this year’s Senior Recital unequivocally has the Farmingdale community excited about what is to come for Farmingdale’s Tri-M chapter, as well as the music program in general. The pride that results from events like this is what keeps the Daler community so strong, and as the community sends the seniors on their way, the future of music at Farmingdale High School remains a key factor in shaping students for the future.

* Photo by Joe Kearney, Co-Editor-in-Chief