Did You Know? Legally Blonde

Jillian Cordi, Staff Writer

Here are some fun facts about the 2001 comedy Legally Blonde.

Legally Blonde is a 2001 film that is directed by Robert Luketic and stars the fabulous Reese Witherspoon. This iconic movie follows the story of a sorority girl who goes to law school to try and get back with her boyfriend and prove that she is good enough. 

Even if you’re a die hard fan there may be some things that you didn’t know. Here are some fun facts about Legally Blond!

1. The film was based on a book that’s a true story.

According to The Insider, “Before ‘Legally Blonde’ the movie came ‘Legally Blonde’ the book.” Author Amanda Brown wrote the book, and it was based on her experience in law school. She explains, “I wrote it all on pink paper, with my pink furry pen. I finally found an agent who picked it up out of a slush pile because it was on pink paper.”

2. The role of Elle Woods almost went to Christina Applegate.

It’s hard to imagine a favorite iconic childhood character such as Elle Woods being played by someone else. This was almost the case with Legally Blond. Christina Applegate was almost cast as Elle Woods.  Applegate said in an interview, “Reese deserved that. She did a much better job than I ever could, and so that’s her life. That’s her path.” 

3. Witherspoon met with real sorority members to prepare for her role.

Reese Withrespoon did a lot of things to prepare for her role, including meeting with a real sorority. In 2001 she explained to Entertainment Weekly, “I went to dinner with them. It’s sort of like an anthropological study. You learn what they eat, how they behave, how they take care of their young, that sort of thing.” 

4. Witherspoon filmed the movie shortly after she had her first child.

There were a lot of sleepless nights for Reese during the filming of the movie, not just because she was working, but also because she just had a baby. She explained that her daughter Ava would wake up screaming because she had the flu. Reese says, “I would spend most of the night trying to rock her back to sleep and then have to be on the set at seven in the morning for make-up.”

5. The decision to make Elle’s signature color pink was very deliberate.

In 2012 costume designer Sophie de Rakoff had an interview and talked about how they picked Elle Woods’ signature color. She explained in the interview, “Reese and I actually went to visit a sorority house in the early prep, and it was just obvious that pink should be her signature color.” Pink was a good choice, and it perfectly matched and captured Elle’s personality in the movie.

6. Witherspoon said she got to keep all 60 of Elle’s outfits from the film.

In an interview with Hollywood.com Reese explained that she had kept all of the outfits she wore in the film. She said that it was mainly to keep them from being sold on the internet. She said, “It really bothers me. Imagine some sicko in Wisconsin smelling the seams … it creeps me out. It’s all in the closet.” She also explained that one day her daughter can play with the outfits. 


All in all this movie is great if you like Witherspoon or just like movies with a confident and bubbly character. Reese Witherspoon did a great job delivering this character and story in such a loving and happy way.