P.S. Farmingdale Loves You


Hailey Timmerman, Editor

Kindness is the foundation of our society. An eight letter word which could make or break a person’s day or life. Being kind is one of the most important things you can be. We are taught from a young age that it costs nothing to be kind, and those ideas linger all the way to our days today. Here at Farmingdale High school, we make it our mission to spread love. Kindness and love is celebrated, and encouraged among all students and staff members.

Following this, during the second Friday of every February, FHS celebrates P.S I Love You Day.  P.S I Love You Day was founded by Brooke and Jaimie DiPalma in honor of their father who took his own life when Brooke was only a week from turning 14 years old back in 2010. This story shaped Brooke into the person she is, and she knew she wanted to turn her tragedy around and bring light to her darkness. So she founded P.S I Love You Day. The name was inspired by the last words she ever said to her dad, “I love you.” She wanted to take these words which she would hold in her heart forever, and turn them into an event with greater meaning for all people to celebrate the simple phrase.

Here at our school, P.S I Love You Day is a day which we celebrate love, and raise awareness for mental health and bullying within our schools. We spread the love by wearing purple and showing our love to one another. Purple posters line the walls with inspiring quotes to brighten your day as you walk past and read them. The goal of PS I Love You Day is to spread mental health awareness and remind those suffering that they are not alone.

* Photo by Madison Sosnowski